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The Real Russia. Today. The risks of a global food crisis, the alleged plot against Solovyov, and the nuts and bolts of Ukraine’s need for weapons: Published Thursday, June 23, 2022

Major recent events from Meduza’s News Feed

  • 🕵️ Zelensky wants to fire Ukraine’s ‘top spy,’ SBU chief Ivan Bakanov
  • 🧑‍🏫 Russian education officials move forward with ‘special operation’ curriculum
  • 🛢️ Sanctioned Russian shipping company is still delivering crude oil to Europe
  • 🤝 EU candidacy for Ukraine and Moldova
  • 👩‍🎤 Ukraine won’t host Eurovision 2023
  • 🎨 The Hermitage will cease all exhibitions in the West
  • 🛡️ Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu wants stronger Union State defenses
  • 📱 Russia begins circumventing Western boycotts on electronics via ‘parallel imports’
  • ⚖️ Another Russian soldier goes on trial for war crimes in Ukraine

Feature stories

  • 🍽️ The risks of a global food crisis
  • 🔍 An alleged plot to kill propagandist Vladimir Solovyov
  • 🪖 The ins and outs of Ukraine’s weapons needs
  • 🪖 Russian forces close in on Lysychansk

Will Russia’s war in Ukraine lead to a global food crisis? Meduza weighs the odds. (10-min read)

In recent months, politicians and experts from the UN have made clear that Russia’s war in Ukraine threatens to spark a global food security crisis. According to Kyiv, at least 20 million metric tons of grain are currently trapped on Ukrainian territory. The lack of shipments from Ukraine has the potential to cause famines in faraway places and to send food prices surging all over the world. Turkey, on behalf of the UN, has suggested a new plan for getting the grain to global markets, but Ukraine rejected its first proposal; the plan would have called for the demining Ukrainian ports, opening a sea route for a possible Russian assault on Odesa.

Turkey has since concocted a Plan B: taking the grain ships on a route that avoids the floating mines without removing them, a proposal that weakens Moscow’s previous claims that it’s not responsible for the grain crisis and that the only thing preventing shipments is the Ukrainian mines. Though Russia has promised not to obstruct any attempts to remove the grain, as long as there’s still a war going on in the Black Sea, it’s unlikely that the crisis will be solved anytime soon.

What we know about the far-right ex-convicts accused of plotting to kill Russia’s chief propagandist (7-min read)

On June 21, Russian news outlets Mediazona and Baza both published articles about the men the Russian authorities have accused of attempting to assassinate Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov — a crime that, according to the FSB and the Russian Investigative Committee, was planned by neo-Nazis at the orders of Ukraine’s Security Service. The articles, which were prepared and written independently of one another, describe in detail what we know so far about the suspects, the majority of whom have been convicted of committing racially motivated murders in the past.

Ukraine has been clear that it needs more weapons from the West. So, what’s the holdup? (7-min read)

On June 13, Ukrainian presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak named the specific amount of Western weapon supplies Ukraine needs in order to “end the war” and “kick Russia out of Ukraine”: 1,000 155-mm howitzers, 300 multiple launch rocket systems, 500 tanks, 2,000 armored vehicles, and 1,000 drones. In recent weeks, the Ukrainian army has suffered huge losses in the Donbas, where Russian troops, which have also seen significant losses, are slowly gaining ground.

Questions asked and answered: How has the West responded? What are Kyiv’s complaints? Does Ukraine really need these weapons? How many weapons has the West already given Ukraine? Is it enough? So, the West needs to send more? Are howitzers the only weapon Ukraine lacks this severely? What countries have helped Ukraine the most? Could the West provide Ukraine with more assistance if it wanted? Given all that, does Ukraine still have a chance of winning the war?

Ukrainian positions in Luhansk region under increasing pressure as Russian forces gradually advance (3-min read)

The situation in Ukraine’s Luhansk region is “extremely difficult,” Governor Serhiy Haidai said in an interview on Thursday, June 23. Russia has captured most of the region and, according to Haidai, sent “all reserves” to storm Severodonetsk and the Zolote–Toshkivka area south of Lysychansk. Russian forces advancing from Toshkivka, which was captured earlier, took control of the villages of Rai-Oleksandrivka and Loskutivka on Wednesday, Haidai said. Judging by the Institute for the Study of War’s assessment, Russian troops are now on the verge of encircling Ukrainian positions in the towns of Zolote and Hirske.

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