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#CoronavirusNewsDesk says here is a FULL LIST of #COVID19 UPDATES: Novavax decision due in ‘coming 10 days’ as Australia nears #Omicron peak courtesy of the ABC Health News Report:

ABC News Channel live stream

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Get up to speed on all the coronavirus news from across Australia. 

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Live updates

Cases, hospitalisations and deaths

If you don’t see your state or territory yet, don’t worry – these numbers are updated throughout the day.

NSW: 20 deaths and 48,768 cases; 2,576 people in hospital, including 193 in ICU

Victoria: 23 deaths and 25,526 cases; 1,054 people in hospital, including 115 in ICUs

Queensland: 6 deaths and 19,709 cases; 649 people in hospital, including 46 in ICUs

ACT: 0 deaths and 1,320 cases; 30 people in hospital, including 3 in ICU

SA: 4 deaths and 4,349 cases; 236 people in hospital, including 26 in ICU

WA: Case numbers numbers not available before blog closed

NT: 1 death and 412 cases; 32 people in hospital and 0 in ICU

Tasmania: 0 deaths and 1,139 cases; 22 people in hospital, including 1 in ICU

And this is where we’ll have to leave things for today

Apologies to our WA readers who are still waiting on those COVID figures — unfortunately there’s no set time that they’ll be released, but you can stay up to date on the ABC’s WA story streamcoronavirus story streamor on the WA Health website.

You can also sign up to ABC News alerts and notifications (more on that here).

Thanks for following along, we’ll be back again tomorrow.

34 COVID-positive people incorrectly sent negative test result in SA

SA Pathology says 67 people received a text message earlier this week advising them of an incorrect COVID-19 test result.

That includes:

  • 34 COVID-positive people who were incorrectly sent a negative test result
  • 33 people who were incorrectly sent a positive test result.

“We currently have a team of doctors contacting each individual affected to explain the situation and apologise for any inconvenience caused, and a text message will be sent with the amended result,” the state-run agency said.

“We have reviewed and updated our processes, which will be implemented on Monday, to avoid a similar incident happening again.”

Read the full story.

‘Almost a million’ vaccine doses available for kids across Australia, Greg Hunt says

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt says more than a quarter of a million children aged from 5 to 11 have received a COVID-19 vaccine dose in the first five days of the program.

But he’s encouraging parents to keep bringing their children for doses.

“There are 1.2 million doses that have been delivered for children. So there’s almost a million doses available in fridges for children, so plenty of opportunity.

“If you child hasn’t been vaccinated, please keep coming forward.”

When should you call an ambulance with COVID symptoms?

With increasing cases putting pressure on the health system, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer John Gerrard says people with COVID should refrain from presenting to emergency or calling an ambulance unless they experience breathlessness — particularly while walking short distances in the house.

“That’s the symptom where you should be calling an ambulance and coming to hospital … not just having a fever,” Dr Gerrard says.

He says if fevers do not improve within 72 hours, those with the virus should also seek medical advice.

Other severe symptoms which may require medical attention include:

  • significant chest pain
  • coughing (including “sometimes coughing up blood”)

You can read more here.

ANALYSIS: Latest isolation rules for critical workers get the balance right. But that’s not the end of the story

As Catherine Bennett, the chair of epidemiology at Deakin University writes, “thousands more essential workers will be allowed back to work rather than having to self-isolate for seven days, under new rules agreed by national cabinet”.

“Yes, we need to manage the risk of more infections at work. But we are far from having a zero background risk as it is.

“The virus is already in many workplaces. And only a fraction of infections are in people who would meet the close household contact definition; they could have picked up the virus at the pub or from social connections.

“We also know from past experience, people often wait two to three days after developing symptoms to get tested and wait even longer to get a result. So by the time they know their status, they may have had the infection for a week or more, with their housemates likely already infected and unknowingly taking the virus to work.”

You can read the full analysis right here.

New exposure sites in WA

Afternoon! There are some new locations added to the WA exposure sites, the Margaret River Chocolate Factory in the Swan Valley (so not the one in Margaret River but the one nearer to Perth)


Good pick up, Sarah.

WA readers can find the full list of exposure sites right here.

Thursday 13/01/2022 at 1:00pm to 2:15pm

West Swan

The Margaret River Chocolate Company
5123 W Swan Rd


Get tested immediately and isolate until you receive a negative result, unless directly advised otherwise by the Department of Health.

Monday 10/01/2022 at 1:45pm to 2:30pm

West Swan

The Margaret River Chocolate Company
5123 W Swan Rd


Get tested immediately and isolate until you receive a negative result, unless directly advised otherwise by the Department of Health.

NSW Opposition calls for clarity around delivery of RATs, government says it has ordered 50 million

New South Wales Opposition leader Chris Minns says the state is no closer to knowing when rapid antigen tests will be readily available.

He says with school resuming in a few weeks, families need to know what to expect.

“We still haven’t had clarity from the New South Wales government about when these tests will be provided to the people of New South Wales, how they’ll be deployed in public education, where you can expect to buy them from.”

The NSW government says it has ordered 50 million rapid tests, with some already arriving, and will seek another 50 million kits. 

There’s no news on WA’s COVID figures yet 

C’mon WA! Every day we’re anxiously waiting and the time constantly changes! Any news as to when today’s numbers for WA will be published?


But we’re hitting that refresh key, I promise.

(We’ve been advised there won’t be a COVID press conference out of WA today).

What happened in the Queensland press conference?

Summary of SA presser, summary of NT presser, summary of the Feds presser, where is the summary of the Qld presser???

[Manufactured outraged accusations of bias by Qld based bloggists]


Ha! See, Lex, as a fellow Queenslander, I recognise that those of us in the Sunshine State are simply too quick (and good looking) to need a recap.

In all seriousness, though, I was jumping between press conferences and it slipped my mind.

So here’s what you missed:

  • Queensland recorded six deaths from COVID, while a surge in cases has seen hospital admissions jump to 649 (including 46 in ICUs)
  • Another 800 hospital beds will be made available in the private system today
  • The state recorded 19,709 new cases, including 6,087 through rapid antigen tests
  • Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard says it’s likely that case numbers will peak at different times across the state

You can read more here.

COVID measures tightened across China ahead of Winter Olympics

China has further tightened its COVID-19 measures in Beijing and across the country as scattered outbreaks continue ahead of the opening of the Winter Olympics in a little over two weeks.

Beijing has ordered children at international schools to be tested starting next week and is barring air passengers who transited via a third point.

Citizens are being told only to travel if absolutely necessary, with no guarantee they will be permitted to return if found to have visited a city or region where an outbreak occurred.

The city of Tianjin, about an hour from the capital, has ordered a third round of mass testing starting Saturday morning to be completed within 24 hours.

And that’s a wrap on the NT press conference

If you weren’t following along, here’s what you missed

  • The NT has recorded one death, the Territory’s second COVID-related death to date
  • There are currently 32 patients in hospitals and no ICU admissions
  • There are approximately 3,730 active cases across the NT, just over half of which are people aged between 20 and 39
  • The majority of cases are in the Greater Darwin area, but outbreaks have now also been recorded in the Alice Springs Correctional Centre and an Alice Springs renal hostel, where people from out of town stay to receive dialysis treatment

You can find the full wrap by ABC Darwin reporter Lauren Roberts right here.

‘So many unknowns’ around Omicron wave

The NT’s acting Chief Health Officer Charles Pain says there’s no clear timeframe around when cases will peak, but he expects it’ll be another “two or four weeks to go before we know what the peak will be”.

“Omicron arrived when we were letting down our defences, so the peak in numbers is enormous,” he says.

“What’s reassuring is that the number of hospitalisations, although it’s greater than what we’ve had in the past, it’s nowhere near what we had with the main Delta wave.

“What we’re seeing in the Territory at this stage is a relatively moderate number of hospitalisations and ICU admissions. However, I don’t want to sound at all complacent.”

About 75 per cent of the NT’s cases are in the Greater Darwin area

Ms Manison is providing a quick breakdown of those active cases now:

  • 75 per cent are in the Greater Darwin area
  • About 15 per cent are in Alice Springs and surrounding areas
  • 5 per cent are in the Katherine area
  • About 4 per cent are in East Arnhem Land

She says the remainder are spread across the NT.

Community ‘hurting’ after NT’s coronavirus death

Ms Manison is providing further details about the NT’s COVID death.

She says the woman was from Darwin’s Bagot community.

“The woman has been very unwell, she has been in the ICU,” Ms Manison says.

“She did have underlying health conditions; she was fully vaccinated. 

“I’d like to send my deepest condolences to her family, to the Bagot community because we know that they will be hurting right now and also want to send out my thanks and also sympathy to the staff in the ICU, because we know that they worked incredibly hard here.”

Yuendemu and Yuelamu will be in lockout until Thursday

Yuendemu recorded a further 2 positive cases today.

Ms Manison says there’ll be “a lot more testing” happening to manage the cluster.

“Yuendemu have significantly lifted their vaccination rate,” she says.

“I want to say thank you to those who have gone out and gotten that first dose of vaccination.”

You can read more on the situation both communities are facing right here.

Separately, Ms Manison says outbreaks have now also been recorded in the Alice Springs Correctional Centre and an Alice Springs renal hostel, where people from out of town stay to receive dialysis treatment.

The NT has recorded one death, 412 cases

UPDATE: The NT has recorded one death.

It’s the NT’s second COVID-related death to date.

NT Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison says the woman was from Darwin’s Bagot community.

There are currently 32 patients in hospitals and no ICU admissions.

There are approximately 3,730 active cases across the NT, just over half of which are people aged between 20 and 39.

“So we’re still seeing that age bracket having the most COVID,” Ms Manison says.

Watch the NT press conference here

We’re expecting things to kick off shortly.


Jeroen Weimar discusses Victoria’s COVID figures

We’ll hear from authorities in the NT at 12:30pm (ACST)

That’s about 15 minutes away.

NT Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison and acting Chief Health Officer Dr Charles Pain will provide a COVID update.

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