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Jan.29, 2022: @acenewsservices

#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: The Guardian says questions are being raised over tax rises due in April, after the prime minister “refuses to confirm national insurance rise”. The paper says that the Treasury is “becoming increasingly alarmed” that the planned hike – to fund health and social care in the aftermath of #COVID19 – might be scrapped by Boris Johnson. It calls any such move “a desperate attempt to placate rightwing Tory MPs as he fights to save his job”

Many papers focus on the squeeze to people’s incomes as rising inflation and gas prices hit. The i reports that Treasury sources warn of a delay to resolving the cost of living crisis “because so much time is being consumed by questions over the PM’s leadership”.

Ace Daily News report from GOVUK on the lifting of coronavirus restrictions in England on Thursday. “ Plan A Day”. Work from home advice, mandatory face coverings in indoor venues and vaccine passes for large events are no longer required in England even with no mask wearing cases are below today:

BBC News: Staff:

The Financial Times leads on the threat of further sanctions on Russia due to the way it is handling tensions with Ukraine. The paper says the EU and UK are preparing to hit new Russian gas projects with sanctions if the Kremlin orders an attack on Ukraine. It adds that this is the first time Europe has considered targeting a sector that it relies on, as Russian gas accounts for 40% of its gas imports.

The Times reports on the US sounding the alarm “over Russian cash in London”. The paper says that American officials have expressed fear that they will be unable to impose sanctions on Russia effectively, if Russia invades Ukraine, “because of years of British tolerance of suspect money flooding into London”.

“Work from home tax loophole to be closed” is the Daily Telegraph’s lead. The paper reports on a work from home tax loophole that is set to be closed after officials warned it had cost the Treasury nearly half a billion pounds during the pandemic. It also pictures Barry Cryer, who has died at the age of 86. Mr Cryer was one of the most prolific scriptwriters in British comedy.

The Daily Express reports that Mr Johnson’s allies have warned rebels “of the perils of plotting against their leader”. The paper says that rebels have been told “not to make the same mistake their predecessors did with the Iron Lady”, referring to the end of the Margaret Thatcher era.

The Daily Mail reports that there has been a rise in the number of civil servants earning more than £150,000 a year since the start of the pandemic. The paper says that “figures yesterday revealed that almost 600 civil servants and senior public sector officials” fall under that bracket, although many have continued to work from home.

The front page of the Daily Mirror reports that “top royals fear Price Andrew could damage the monarchy” if his civil lawsuit goes to trial in the US. He denies all the allegations against him.

“Lost ness monster” is the Daily Star’s headline. The paper reports that a “disoriented beast” was seen 600 miles from its home in Wimbledon.

The Guardian says the Treasury is becoming increasingly alarmed that Boris Johnson may be preparing to scrap the National Insurance rise in a desperate attempt to placate right-wing Tory MPs as he fights to save his job. 

The paper understands that Chancellor Rishi Sunak, has privately stressed to MPs that the tax rise must go ahead – with one frontbencher who has met him in recent days speculating that his position could become untenable if Mr Johnson seeks to overrule him. 

The Times reports a government source as saying the prime minister is “wobbling” over the rise.

The Daily Telegraph says it can disclose that a work-from-home tax loophole is set to be closed after officials warned Rishi Sunak that it had cost the Treasury nearly half a billion pounds during the pandemic. 

According to the paper, HM Revenue and Customs is urgently reviewing a rule that allows anyone who works even a single day from home to claim a yearly sum of up to £125 in tax relief. 

It says bosses of companies that rely on trade from office workers have described the tax break as a “recipe for endless home working”.

For its lead, the Daily Mail reports that the number of civil servants earning more than £150,000 a year has soared since the start of the pandemic – despite many of them working from home. 

It says figures reveal that almost 600 civil servants and senior public sector officials were paid over £150,000, up almost 16% from two years ago.

According to the Times, American officials fear they will be unable to impose effective sanctions on President Putin if Russia invades Ukraine because of years of British tolerance of suspect money flooding into London

Diplomatic sources have told the paper that US State Department officials have expressed “dismay and frustration” at the British government’s failure to take tough action against the flow of Russian funds.

The Sun has been told that senior royals are “deeply shocked” that Prince Andrew wants to fight his US civil action over sexual assault allegations before a jury. They are instead urging him to settle it quickly, the paper adds. 

Quoting royal sources, it says Prince Charles and Prince William are leading efforts to stop the case dragging on into court to protect the family from further humiliation. The Duke of York has consistently denied all the allegations against him.

Finally, Barry Cryer is on many front pages as tributes are paid to the man the Mirror calls the king of comedy and a gag machine

For the Daily Mail, he was the patron saint of comedians, the figurehead with a pint in his hand and a gag for every occasion. 

Writing in the Guardian, the comedian Jack Dee says Barry Cryer became an honorary uncle to countless comics, always keeping up with who was doing what and seeking out shows to see in small, out of the way venues. But the Sun says he hated the term “national treasure”, saying it made him feel like something that had been dug up.

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