Abused Written by Jackjones 😔

Be safe 😔😔

I wish i didn’t know, but now i do know and i have to speak out about this. So please read this post and share if you want. Abuse comes in many forms and im sorry to say that the list is almost endless. Verbal, Domestic, Child, Sexual, Racism, Animal, To name only a few, […]


There is nothing worse than aggressive cruel people

The choice is not between violence and nonviolence but between nonviolence and nonexistence.

Don’t give up

He or She never loved you any way you are the victim of a controlling evil monster

They escalate their behaviour against you do you understand

Self-pleasure is the role they play with you watching you cower like a frightened toy

These wimps need the community to report their behaviour. Don’t hide in shame

I beg you to get out for your children right now!

You are a child of God find your strength

Never allow anyone to hurt you

Do it for your families before your killed

These are not hard words

Your life is precious

It never gets better in a hostile home


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