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There are moments in your future where, because you’re serving, giving, helping others, God is going to suddenly thrust you to a new level. God knows how to change your status. He knows how to bump you up to a different dimension. One touch of His favor won’t just impact you; it will impact your whole family. You may not see how it can happen, but you don’t know what God is up to. If you’ll keep being faithful, He’ll make things happen you never dreamed would happen! Share this with someone you love and be blessed!



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Create Graphics for anyone without a copywriter #tag. I’m a cheapskate. Beautiful graphics created with love ❤️ are a gift to Humanity. I believe that each of us should leave earth 🌐 a little bit better than before we were born. shalom 🤗
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Howdy Kindness❤
I love you, your concept and your blog👏👏👏 Keep being lovely and kind, Nothing is more beautiful, you know right?
& now I just realised I’ve got to do some mathematics before posting my comment😊

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