A. P. (or A. Poo) News Service: FLASH!  “We Almost Had An Awful Stench At The White House!”  a poem  March  tu-tu, 2019 (FreyaDaya)MYSTIC POET 🙊🙉🙈

A. P. (or A. Poo) News Service: FLASH! “We Almost Had An Awful Stench At The White House!” a poem March tu-tu, 2019 (FreyaDaya)

“Thank Gosh, MelAN[AL]ia was there, in The Oval O – – fice,* to avert a mis – – ap!**
For, her Husband-President nearly EXPLODED, &-here, Friends-is “the flap:”***
It had been building, for some months now, with no release in view!
President Trump was “filling up” with something “old AND new,”
And, when a person is “full-of-it,” something’s gotta give!
Yes, he nearly exploded! but , thanks -to-Melan[al]ia , he still may live!

He was SO dang FULL, she-knew-“The-Boom”-was imminent,
So, she called their friend(s) in Moscow Town, where-they’ve-STILL a rem-( )-nant,
Of folks who won’t just hang right up, BUTT-they’ll-listen-and-they-might-care,
And Vlad, he answered, “What’s wrong, MEL?” “Well, Don is ‘full up,’ BEAR!’ “****

“Oh, my gosh,” said PU tin! “Well-I-do-know-a-thing-about-PU!
Just prick him with big ol’ PEN – I-might-a-known-he-was-DUE,
To have the stuff-that’s-been-building-up – come-out in-THE-BLESSED-END!”

“Oh, golly, thank-yoo, Big, Big-Bear! You are our best-est friend!”

So-with-just-a-POKE, The Don went: “BOOSH,”
And all that pu -came-out-with-a-“whoosh!”
It took a while to clean it up, but The President’s resting fine!

It’s tough – when you are “full of shirt,” like-saying: “This-HERE is-ALL-MINE!”
You-gotta-admit, we owe a debt to-Don! He’s-made-things-clear:
Politics, like cesspools, are really nothing-to-fear!
And never ask no “How’s” or “Why’s,”
For the politicians, lawyers-and-doctors – well, they’re in “the 1 percent,”
Of potentially-“exploding-stinky-devices!”
But-you-can-always -use-“a-stent!” 🙂 – Stinky PU, but that’s nice!
fin <3

* – (R) (I)
** – (C) (R)
*** – sometimes also referred to as: “The Poop!”
**** – The Trump family’s favorite nickname for Vladimir Putin; he is affectionately known as: THE RUSSIAN BEAR, a.k.a.: “The Russian Bare,” for all his s – – ual exploits in Leningrad and the surrounding areas! “I love it that Russian-U.S. relations are doing so well; it fills me with unquenchable exuberance! or, maybe, that’s just constipation!” The Mystic Poet

By ace101

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