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#AceDailyNews says here’s todays Newspaper Headlines: Most adults will be offered a #COVID19 booster jab in the coming months, along with children over 12 being able to receive a first dose, reports the Times. The PM will confirm that 33 million adults over 50 will be offered a Pfizer or Moderna jab, says the paper, adding that people will be offered their third jab six months after their second and priority will follow the same list as the initial programme as cases still continue to climb see below ….more soon

Guardian front page
Many of the front pages focus on the expansion of the vaccine rollout. The Guardian says Boris Johnson will confirm on Tuesday the start of booster jabs for over-50s. The paper says the prime minister will set out a widespread acceleration of the vaccine programme, as well as signalling his opposition to any further lockdowns this year.

Sept.15, 2021: @acenewsservices

BBC News: Staff:

“Jabs blitz” is the headline in the Sun, which claims all over-50s will be offered a jab by Christmas. The paper adds that ministers approving jabs for 12 to 15 year olds has triggered a “row over consent”.

The move to begin offering vaccines to 12 to 15-year-olds next week is the focus for the i, which says ministers hope it will stop school closures and help bring the pandemic to an end.

“Jabs for kids in days” says the Daily Mirror, which quotes England’s chief medical officer Prof Chris Whitty as saying the “benefit exceeded risk” because of the effects of disrupted education on mental health.

The Metro says the decision to offer the vaccine to more children will make 3.2 million more youngsters eligible for the jab. It quotes Prof Whitty as saying it had been a “difficult decision” but was “an important and potentially useful additional tool to help reduce public health impacts’ of school closures and quarantines”.

The same story is the focus for the Daily Telegraph, which says the government confirmed that parental, guardian or carer consent will be sought by healthcare staff prior to vaccination in schools, however consent will not be needed if the child is considered competent to make a decision by themselves.

“Return of the doom squad” declares the Daily Mail, which says Mr Johnson will warn the pandemic is “far from over” when he sets out his Covid winter plan later. The paper says the plan – for if the NHS comes under threat – includes compulsory masks, working from home and some social distancing. It adds that No 10 “even refused to rule out another lockdown”.

However, the Daily Express says the prime minister is “confident” his winter blueprint will save the UK from being locked down again. It says Mr Johnson will “scrap many coronavirus curbs” later, including axing travel traffic light regulations.

The Financial Times reports that the Treasury has “killed off” the PM’s plan to build a tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland – estimated to cost at least £15bn. The paper says the move is part of a “crackdown” by the Treasury which is dealing with self-imposed public spending limits.

Finally, “have a day off, Tarquin” is the headline in the Daily Star, which suggests “posh morons” caused road chaos on Monday as “normal folk” tried to get to work. It features a picture of climate change protesters, who blocked five M25 junctions, causing long tailbacks and disruption for motorists.

The front pages mainly focus on what the Sun calls a “jabs blitz” – with details of the plans to offer a single dose to 12-to-15 year olds, and the launch of a booster programme for over-50s. 

The Guardian describes it as a “widespread acceleration” of the vaccine rollout, as Boris Johnson prepares to set out his “Covid winter plan”. 

The Daily Express says the prime minister is “confident” his strategy won’t involve another lockdown – but the Daily Mail appears downbeat. “Return of the doom squad” is its headline, after government advisers delivered a “gloomy assessment” of the chances of avoiding disruption over the winter.

The Daily Mirror warns that conflicting advice from experts about giving jabs to children “may spark vaccine hesitancy among parents”. 

Its editorial accuses Boris Johnson of putting all his eggs in one basket by relying solely on vaccinations to deal with the crisis, arguing Covid passports “would be another weapon in our armoury”. 

Warnings about threats to school staff over the rollout are highlighted by the Guardian. It says the National Union of Head Teachers has urged the government to “immediately” confirm the process will be run “entirely” by medical teams, including dealing with questions about consent. 

“What happened to following the science?” asks the Daily Telegraph. Its editorial says vaccinating children to benefit adults “was always going to be ethically problematic” – and suggests it’s hard not to conclude the reasoning behind the move “is as much societal and political as it is clinical”.

Climate change protesters said action would go on until a “meaningful commitment” was made by the government

The arrests of dozens of climate change protestors who blocked parts of the M25 on Monday are welcomed by the Sun. It describes the activists as “deranged extremists who alienate millions of people”, and accuses them of being the “real enemies” of the eco cause. 

The Daily Mail agrees, insisting the police acted “disgracefully” by allowing the motorway to grind to a halt for hours. 

“As long as authorities indulge, not punish, law-breaking enviro-maniacs”, it says, “they will continue their destructive vandalism.”

The Financial Times claims to have identified two “early victims” of a Treasury crackdown on public spending ahead of the Budget next month. One is said to be a jobless grants scheme – launched a decade ago “to great fanfare” by David Cameron – that will now be axed. The other is Boris Johnson’s £15bn plan to build what is described by the paper as “the world’s most stupid tunnel”. A government official has told the FT the proposed link between Scotland and Northern Ireland is “dead, at least for now”

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