WisHful ~ only suitable for over sexted

“WISHFUL SHAWNA 1 (Pictures-18) PIC PEEKS!” a

JAZMINE: Jazmine is my favorite-spice; she’ll spice-up any life,

And-who-knows! Some-day, some day, this girl might be your wife!

She-will-take such good-care-of-you – and scream with such delight,

Burning-with-wondrous-incense, and doing-it so right!

SHANICE: These “pics” are habit-forming, so show some mod-er-ation!

Like-Shanice-right-here, She’s the-shy-est in-our entire Nation,

But, if you touch her heart and make her feel safe,

She’ll-make-you-scream-with-pleasure, as-you-feel her-lovely-chafe!

NICOLE: She holds that cell phone with-a delicate twist,

Such caressing fingers; such a supple-wrist!

If-I-was-on that cell phone, I’d invite her out tonight;

If-I-WAS that cellphone, I’d-say: “Please hold me tight,”

‘Cause-Nicole’s “got soul;” yeah, I just know;

She’s-on-the-edge of-that-bed, just ready-to-go!

SHANICE: Shanice-you-are-Oh, such “a fave;

It-is for-YOU, you-know I rave,

From each perfect-curv-ED-line, To-my-wish-of: “Please-be-mine,”

But I-know there, at-your door, Men-wait-for-you, by-the-score,

Wishing, Shanice, for-just one glance, And, with-you, to-have half-a-chance!

fin ♥

In your dreams ~ Men

By ace101

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