Misplaced Angel Wings ~

“MISPLACED! DISPLACED! DISGRACED?” a poem, August 3, 2019 (Saturday)

I’m-“pu-er”-yes-puer and-“passive-aggressive;”

I’m Bipolar II (too!) and mostly ob-sessive!

And-I-shall?-be-on-meds?** for the rest of my life,

And I’m certainly NO GOOD – to-be-a-“partner”-or-a-wife!

I’m a mean, ornery bastard – and I’m rude – and, I’m too,

Quick to draw judgments! I’m a dang (fe)male shrew!

I have no right to criticize – society or people,

And IF God were in charge, (s)he’d-ban-me-from-“The-Steeple!”

I’m too curt, have no courtesy and-follow-etiquette-like-an-ape!

I’m JUST-A-MESS! Thank-HEAVEN-I-don’t-wear-a-cape,

‘Cause I’d be a lousy super hero! I’D SAVE “THE WRONG ONE,”

And-I’m-hated-by-society (and) regular-folks! I’m so-“done!”

Oh, yeah: Jesus and Satan, my parents and ex-wife,

Have formed-a-club-to-“safeguard” things in this life!


One against: “THAT GUY!” and it ain’t “rocket science;

It’s JUST some protection! ‘gainst-J-Jay’s-wit-wisdom-‘n’-lies!

They call it: “Decent folks against J-Jay, The Lord of The Flies!”

For, (s)he don’t believe in MONEY! or FAM’LY! or VAPE!

Or GOD-COUNTRY-or-BASEBALL – or-APPLE-PIE! He’s-just-a-dum-ape,

A-sniffin’ around, makin’ trouble for us all,

And he’s filled with piss-‘n’-vinegar! infection! and gall!

So, Trump’s plannin’-to-“resurrect” crucifixion as a legal option,

To deal-with-JOKERS-like-HIM, but – we’re negotiating-an-a-doption!

You-see, it seems there are “aliens” from Alpha Centauri or Canis Major***

Who are willing to adopt J-Jay! They reached us by “pager,”

For they do not have TV or cell phones “UP THERE,”

And they don’t believe in GOD-or-free-will, but they care,

About silly, uneducated creatures “abroad,”

Who are hated and spurned, so-they’ll-stick-J-Jay-in-a-pod,

And teleport him to their planet, where everyone doth speak,

In lyrics and poetry – and-they-often-sing-in-“Greek!”

They think J-Jay might-a-been caught and transported to Earth,

Shortly before his mother – popped-him-out during birth!

SO, THIS TRANSPORT TO PLANET XXX, it could be: “a win-win!”

Oh, yeah! And-on-their-planet there’s-no-such-thing-as-sin!

fin โ™ฅ

* -Puer aeternus (sometimes shortened to puer), “poo air!”Latin for “eternal boy”, in mythology is a child-god who is forever young. In psychology it is an older person whose emotional life has remained at an adolescent level, also known as Peter Pan syndrome. You-know, kind of like Michael Jackson!

** – Don’t listen to everybody; sometimes there ARE alternatives! like: poetry!

*** – The land of BIG DOGS!

My Hero โค๏ธ