The Perfect Messianic Complex ~Mystic Poet

“GOD’S LOVE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Love God!” a.k.a.: “The Perfect Messianic Complex!” a.k.a.: “You Like It, It Likes You!” a.k.a.: “THE 7-UP LAST WORDS OF CHRIST: (1) Eenie! (2) Meenie! (3) Myknee! (4) MO! (5) I! (6) LOVE! (7) YOU!”* Tuesday: 7/23/2019 Sung to the tune of “Pass It On!”

It o-nly takes a nai – [e]l driven-in to-you-our so-oft-pa-alm,

To make you fee-el LOVED, when GO -ODD drops The-Bi-i-g “Bomb!”

THAT’S HOW IT IS WITH GO-OD’S LOVE! Once you’ve ex-perienced IT!

You-get to hang up-on A CROSS! “The Dark Night – of [Your] Soul!”**

This cru-ci-fixion scene, Is NOT – what-I ex-pe-ected!

I-THOUGHT that-wor-ship-ping – Would-just get-me e-le-ected!

And make it to The Whi-te House, so-I’d-have-a NICE ROOM!

But-instead-I-BLEED – to in-tercede! and-get-dumped in The-Tomb!

I can not rec-com-mend THE LIFE – OF LOVING “FA-ATHER!?”***

If this life’s what (S)He’ll-send, it is a blood-dy bo-o-ther!

BUT IF-YOU’RE SAD! Oh! mas-ochistic – God’s-love is RIGHT FOR YOU,

For you’ll be scourged!-by-The-Dem-iUrge,*** so-YOU’LL BE “BLACK and-BLUE!”

THAT’S HOW IT IS WITH GO-OD’S LOVE! Once you’ve ex-perienced IT!

You-get to hang up-on A CROSS! But-just for-a-LIT -tle-bit!?

fin <3

  • – Dang, THIS HURTS! 🙂 – What did you expect? a bed of roses? Well, play your Trump Card! Dang, I can’t find IT? I KNOW I left it here in the drawer! Somewhere!

** – a WONDERFUL opportunity all Ye Blessed Ones are SUPPOSED TO “go through,” on your way to martyrdom and glory! It was experienced by Catholic noteworthies like St. John of The Cross and St. Teresa of Avila. It’s a cross between being burned alive . . . and . . . being burned alive! with water provided! which turns out to be kerosene!

*** – The term given to “a lesser god,” which was what some of the early Christian folks (like The Gnostics) believed to be The God of The Jews, NOT The Supreme, Benevolent Father, but an impostor, who liked to masquerade, especially on Halloween, dressing up as an angel . . . or “a good witch!”

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