Lifes litte complications ~

“I THINK NATURE IS OK! MAKING IT NOT OK MAY NOT BE THE BEST WAY!” a poem July 17, 2019 {Wednesday}

I’ve discovered! Everyone-has-one-of-these-or-those! THAT’S IT!

Either: A Pendulum, a-swinging! or – A deep dark Pit!

So: What to do with what you got, with whom you gonna share?

This-is a BIG question, for, with the right one, you’ll go bare!

So, you show me yours! and-I’ll stroke your hair,

And I’ll show you mine! (pause) Yes, you can stare,

Or in-vestigate! (pause) We’re SUCH A PAIR,

Of “typical” kids! Come-on, you! I DARE –

I-dare-you-to-get-“hooked”-with-me-for -a-while,

Or – for a million years! Mile! after-mile!

Come-on! I DARE YOU! to fall in love with me,

As much as I love you – or just let me be!

And-just-see, how-long-you-can-last! before-the-attraction’s-too-strong,

For-you-to-endure! It could be SHORT or LONG!

BUT! Does it have to be a contest? Does something have to win,

Waiting to see who gives up? or Who just gives in!?

So, there’s a pit! There’s a pendulum, and (I think) magnets attach,

To each of them, and, when the currents DON’T match,

There’s an irresistible draw – that leads me your way!


fin <3

By ace101

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