Tantra ~

Tantra ~

“TANTRA!”* a poem 07/07/2019 (Sunday)

I’ve-got “ants-in-my-tantra,” ’cause tantra’s-The-Key,

To ALL of my (our) problems! Oh, golly! Wiz-gee!

Finally, we’ve-found The Fountain of Youth,

The “golden elixir!” We’ve got lots-of-proof!

Just-use-a “your flu-ids,” and cir – r – cu-late,

The-“micro-cosmic-orbit!” but – DON’T BE LATE,

For-there’re-only-a-few-good-squirts, so-[please]-use-them-well,

‘Cause-you-wanna-go-to-Heaven, right? and-stay-outta-H – L L!

OK, then: BREATHE! and-IMAGINE! The-“channels”-churning-fluid!

(I think they picked this up – from an ancient Dru-id!)

Of – a bodhisattva! who “sat” AN AWFUL LOT,

While-“enlivening” His chakras and/or smoking some good pot!


    Or – YES! It could be – from ancient Shinto – or Tao!

    (That’s-maybe-where-Mantak-Chia-&-his-wife-got-it – some-how!)

    I bet it was discovered – on a SACRED PA-PYRUS;

    Do-THE-TANTRA, baby! It’s-really-gonna “fire-us!”

    It’s – COUPLES! coupling: S-X-without-S-X, Honey!

    We’ve found: ETERNAL YOUTH – and-there’ll-prob’bly-be-some-money,

    ‘Cause my concubine and me, we’ve-gained-a-hundred-years-of-youth!

    We’re AGELESS! and TIMELESS! All-our-tears-have-gone POOF!

    When we walk down The Street, people say: “How young,

    You both do look1″ For-TANTRA, we-have-sung:


    (Please say this silently: You can check it; it’s in The Archives!)

    “Yesterday (Dang it!) we-both-got hit-by-a-truck!”

    When we got “to Heaven,” THEY-said: “Oh! You two f – – – – – s!”

    You-might-wanna-know (that, actually):

    In-Heaven, there are A LOT – of lawyers-doctors-Indian-Chiefs (pause) and-truckers!

    fin <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89lkJcqz6g8

    • Tantra (n): various techniques for “enlightenment” and enrichment of bodily processes, utilizing the dynamic Divine flow of procreation (or – something like that)!

    Postnote: I ain’t sayin’ IT’s good; I ain’t sayin’ IT’s bad! – – – I-just-say: “1000-years-on-any-orb – can-make-anybody-sad! – – – And, when-you-wanna-go, you-don’t-want-fluids-stopping-you! – – – Just-ask-any-male-chimpanzee – at-The-San-Diego-Zoo!

    P.S.: I don’t know what I am talking about AND I don’t wanna know what I’m talking about! 🙂 – OK! (dummy!)

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