Kangaroos in the top paddock ~

“I GOT UP THIS MORNING! . . . ” a poem July 6 th 2019 (Seder-Satir-Satyr – DAY!)

Part 1!

I slept in a little! When I awoke, what did I stare:

Upon? BIRDS! and-cats* protesting together: “WE DECLARE:

That, since YOU’RE OUR SO(U)Le PROVIDER & you sometimes feed [us] in underwear,

OUR NOT-GETTIN’ FED ON TIME – SHOWS US: You may not really care!”

AND! there were raccoons! and a-gri-zz-ly bear,

And-deer-also, and-I-know-“deer”-can’t-rhyme-with-“air,”

BUT! (Get this!) They were ALL naked with no shame,

Yet, for-“improper-feeding,” I got ALL OF THAT BLAME!

“Well, OK,” says I; “I’ll try! to-be-more-dil-i- gent,

And not sleep in until 10 A. M.! Then, I went,

To get ALL THE PROTESTERS some food to eat:

Milk! Bread! Dry-food! and (pause) “A treat!”

So, the birds and the deer – a cat and-a-bear,

They TOASTED MY NAME, admitting: “Maybe we weren’t fair!

MAYBE (just maybe) you deserve to sleep in ONCE IN A WHILE,

But! ONLY ONCE A MONTH!! or we will not smile!

More-than-once-a-month? We-won’t-sing, and-we’ll-damage-your-house,

And THEN (You guessed it!) I-heard-from-a-3-legged louse,

Who-said: “Always be kind to animals! OR-else We’ll get-cha!”

I said: “OK! Thanks! I’m glad to have met-cha!”

Part 2!

And! I also got “texts!” from a hundred! Plus, one-friend,

Who said: “You lazy bas – – – d; will THIS never end?

Your sleeping! Sleeping! Sleeping-in, not-helping-friends-with-a-good-time-&-rides,

And we need some MONEY! Given! not-loaned!** to-us besides!”

Of course, I text-ed back – and apologized VERY MUCH:

“I’m sorry,” I text-ed; “I-need-to-do-better-and-more-and-such!”


“Oh, you-know-me! Just-a sorta-pleasant guy – with-ac-cess to a car!”

“You know me! ‘Plenty?’ of money, for upkeeps and gas!”

That’s-right! They ALL text-ed! They-protested en-masse!

SO! ANYWAY! I got rid of the cell phones, burned the back yard lawn & trees,

And – I MOVED TO AUSTRA-L-I-A, a-cross “The-Seas!”***

Part 3!

Actually, I-DID-get-a-few-calls from-people-overseas,

With-texts-like: “Bloody (and Blimey) ‘ELL! You-in-Texas? Flapping-in-The-Breeze,

Dreamin’ DEEP DREAMS? Being-a-man-of-luxury, at your ease, you bum!”

Well, I just gave the phone(s) to my-pet-kangaroos, who-stuck-’em-in-their-tum!

Moral: In the glorious tum, you can’t hear no ring, SO I’M HAPPY

It’s GOOD! to sleep in most days (which, I guess, makes-me-a-“bad-pappy!”)

You CAN BE – happy! and rested! and, really, do quite fine,

JUST GET KAN-GA-ROOS, and-tell-friends: “Drop me a line!”

My new number is: 1 -800 K! A! N! – G R! O O!

Speak with one of my “attendants!” They’ll-be-happy to-answer you!

Part 4! [to my friends, animal and otherwise, who have been unable to reach me!]

You can call GRU! He’s a kangaroo!

And He just says one thing: “I AM Gr-r-roo!”****

Or! Call one-o’-my-favorites: Peggy Sue;

She’s so pretty and hops – and does dishes too!

Or! Ms. Bal – Lou, who likes CATS, she do!

And loves to cook ’em (with birds) in-a-savory-stew!

Or! Don Kanga- rini, who-heads-“The-U. S. A.-Kangaroo-Mafia!” It’s new!

For, they recently opened in America, and THEY’LL “TAKE-CARE” OF YOU!

“Kiss The Ring,” if-you-dare enter-it, to box you a ‘roo;

They-can-be formidable, beating-you ’til-you’re “black-&-blue!”

And -tax deductible contributions can be sent to us, here,

In Alpine, Texas, U. S. A. It’s called: “Kangaroo Zoo,” Dear!

Thank YOU, and may your lives be red-yellow, green-or-brown,

And we hope that YOU NEVER PROTEST! or – wear a blue frown!

fin <3

*- Many of them named: “Steven,” a bunch of “STEVENS!” 🙂 – Cat – Stevens!

** – Sort of like: “Shaken! not-stirred!”

*** – No! I’m just kidding about moving over there, BUT – I was thinking about maybe importing some kangaroos here! to help me with poachers!

**** – NO! NOT “I am Groot!” Rather: “I am Gr-r-r-oo,” as in kan-g(a)roo! OK?

By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen