Who are we to seek Judgment ~ Judgement was made on behalf of the poor victim ✌️

A Perth prison is under fire for not doing enough to stop baby killer and torturer Mervyn Bell from killing himself. Do you think they should have done more to save him ?

Mervyn Bell kidnapped, tortured, sexually abused and killed his partner’s 10-month-old son over 15 hours in March 2013. Bell was serving a minimum 27 years behind bars when he took his own life in his cell at Casuarina Prison in September 2015. That’s the monster we are dealing with here. We just wanted you to know this before continuing.

According to findings handed down on Thursday, Bell revealed to a psychologist in November 2014 that he frequently thought of suicide and mentioned ways he could do it. The same psychologist spoke to him in August 2015 and noted “ongoing vague, fluctuating suicidal ideation” but Bell denied any intent or plan.

Just before his death, Bell left a voicemail message for his sister saying goodbye but the call was not monitored because he was, at the time, not regarded as being at imminent risk of self-harm. “For that reason, several other messages and one call made by Mr Bell in the week prior to his death, in which he clearly indicated suicidal ideation, were not detected,” coroner Michael Jenkin said.

We hope the Coroner did as thorough an investigation into the death of the little 10 month old baby boy Bell murdered.

The findings also revealed that Bell had complained that an officer swore at him and abused him, while his family was concerned he had been shackled when he made telephone calls, which they said would have been degrading.

Does his family not know that he murdered and tortured a 10 month old baby boy ? He “degraded” himself the day he chose to torture and murder a baby boy.

They also expressed concern that two of his relatives, who were inmates in the same jail, were refused permission to visit him in the special handling unit. There were no records of Bell being restrained or of any prisoners asking to visit him.

Bell’s sentencing judge described the case as one of the most evil he had encountered and here we are holding inquests into his suicide, hearing from his family members who are in the same prison as him, complaining that they are not allowed to see one of the most evil men his sentencing judge had encountered. Yes, this is clearly a good way to spend tax payer dollars.

The inquest looked at a spate of recent suicides at the prison. 5 deaths recently were by suicide and of those 4 of them were by hanging, with Jenkin concluding that authorities at the West Australian prison had not done enough to remove an obvious means for inmates to take their own lives.

Jenkin said in his findings handed down on Thursday it was not acceptable that only about 40 per cent of cells at the facility have had hanging points minimised.

“The department should increase the number of ligature-minimised cells available at the prison without delay, and cells routinely used to house vulnerable prisoners ought to be prioritised,” Jenkin said.

He noted that in 2008, the then state coroner called for an ongoing review of hanging points and funding to achieve their removal. “I hope that the department will now make this issue an absolute priority,” Jenkin said.

It was the subject of one of eight recommendations, which included a triage system whereby all vulnerable, new prisoners are reviewed by a mental health professional within 24 hours of arriving. Now that is a recommendation we can get behind here at FACAA, mental health is everyone’s problem, even that of prisons.

However, should it be up to prisons to stop convicted child torturers and killers from taking their own lives ?
Is it wrong to think that he did the state a favour ?

No, I don’t think it’s wrong to say that, the fact is Mervyn Bell was an absolute monster. A total waste of space on this planet. He offers absolutely nothing to society that makes keeping him alive worthwhile. Simply put, he should have been taken out the moment he was convicted of torturing a 10 month old baby boy for 15 HOURS !

The fact is he would have never been rehabilitated, he would have forever been a threat to children everywhere and when he got out, he would have probably struck again so by killing himself he protected the children of Perth.

All he was doing behind bars was costing tax payers money, I don’t think what he did was a bad thing nor do I think the coroner should be wasting tax payers funds by holding inquests into his suicide. He wanted to die, he died . Simple…. inquest over.

The question I’d love you to answer FACAA is this, is it up to prisons to stop child killers from taking their own lives ? Do prisons have a responsibility to protect child killers from suicide ? What do you think, my thoughts are quite clear but we want to know what you think.

As far as I’m concerned child murderers do not deserve to live, with capital punishment off the table in Australia we believe in files being marked “Never to be released” but do we owe those child killers a duty of care to save them from themselves ? I don’t believe so.

Rest in peace little Charlie, while you’re flying high in heaven your killer has now taken his rightful place much further south. We hope this brings you peace.

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stice will be done. Who are we to judge whether or not?

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