Its okay to hurt sometimes ~


Story TIME long ago

I meet an Angel

He was a little boy ANGEL

He sat on my window ledges way above my head dangling his long daddy long legs in the wind

He was a beautiful ANGLE WITH black diamonds for eyes, his teeth shone as he sang just as Angles do to soothe you to a lullaby rocking in your soul

How I loved that little Angel boy

He told me when I grew up he would make me his wife to love and cherish until we flew away into the heavens of bright blue dazzling ⭐️ Star

As the years drift, as they do I waited in my bed every night for his return

Many things and many journeys, some okay, many unhappy times I never forgot my little Angel boy with those long daddy legs hanging over my window sill telling me stories of life he had seen and heard

I sit at my desk tonight with a tear in eye cause I know now what he was teaching me

That I would hurt many times on my journey through life that would hurt me , but it would be okay to hurt

What a precious little boy Angel he is

He has always been at my side, he never left me, he loved me in many past lives

My journey was to teach me to grow into the woman I am today

Hurting is only a moment in time that passes by the time you open eyes

Nothing ever stays the same , he said, times move on until one day I found him looking at me and I knew my LITTLE ANGEL BOY with those long daddy legs never left me

He is my Husband and he has loved my always

Just as he loved me the day I was born and he waited until I grew up ~ ©

Letter To My Husband ©

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    It’s okay to hurt ☹️

    By ace101

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