I smell a Rat 🕺🕺

I smell a Rat 🕺🕺

“CHRISTIAN CYNICISM 102!” a poem May 27, 2019 (Monday)

  • “If you recycle, then I-will-too!”
  • “But I JUST-DO-IT, for something to do,
    And it’s kind-of fun!” – “How-so is-THAT?”
  • “Well, I dunno!” – “I smell A RAT!”
  • “But, wait-just-a-second! I-think-I-got-an-answer,
    Perhaps from Santa! or-Dasher-or-Dancer!”
  • “Yeah, what’s-your-answer? How’s-it-fun-crushin’-cans?
    Collecting-glass-and-plastic? And-changing-your-daily-plans,
    For-it-seems-just-annoying-and-no-one’s-employing, so-it-simply-takes-up-your-time!
    How-can-you-ever, have-fun-recycling? How-[are]-you-gonna-end this-rhyme!”

The Mystic Poet: + “It’s LIKE THIS! – [but] do-you-want the short explanation?”

  • “No, make it full!” I-said, with some hes-i-ta-tion,
    Knowing-that-I might not like the answer! (pause) Oh, well:
    TIME IS TIME – and TIME’S TO WASTE, and recycling’s-done in-H – L L,
    Where-you-can’t-throw-whatever you-want away,
    And-just let-“others”-come and-pick-up-your-REFUSE today!
    The Mystic Poet: + “OK, but-your-answer’s STILL-succinct, not-too-long,
    And I’ll put it for you – in a pretty-little-song!” [to the tune of “Crazy” by Patsy Cline:]

[Ya-gotta-be] CRA-ZY! to-have-fun whe-e-n-you-are re – cy -cling!
CRA – ZY! know-ing that YOU’ll have – to-o-o-DO – oo-oo-ooo
RE – CY-CLING! un-til the-cows come-home, my Dar-r-r-r-ling,
And-then some-how Re-cy-cling-can-be sort-of FUN!
[Well] HON-ey If-you-have-been tor-tured! My Hon-ey, doo-doo- doo –
And the-e-en, some-how your tor-ture’s gone HOME! [Yes, gone “ho-o-o-me!”]
But-the-TOR-TURE has-got-to-feel so-bad with- in-YOU-ou-ou-oo –
That-you-want noth-ing to-do but-drop DEAD! [I’ve said!]
[Yes-you-gotta-be] CRA-ZY, or-that’s-what-the-neighbors-do-say, Dear! [doo doo-doo]
CRA-ZY! for-you want-to-DI-i-E yes-ter-day! [Let-me sa-a-a-a-y]:
IF-YOU’VE-GONE-THROUGH tor-ture-as-bad as-I’m-say-ing, (pause)
And-THEN-SEE – LIGHT-in-“The-Tu-u-nnel o-o-o-f-You!” oo – oo – oo –
IF-THAT’S-SO – no-matter-what-you-do’s-NOW hap-py – ee-ee- ee –
And-“work,” Dear – is-fun com-pared-to what you-ou-ou-oo went-through! oo – oo!
So, THERE-DEAR is-the-ex-x-planation I-pro-mised,
The-Short-Ans-wer: That-your-“soul’-must-be-e-e– re-e-eFINED [quite re-fi-ined,]
BY-FI-RE!!! For-fi-re-will-make-you-so-gra-te-full, oo-oo-oo oo
So-gra-teful – that-even-a-burn can-be-e-e fun! Fun-For-You! oo-oo-oo
[‘Cause-you’re] CRA-ZY! Cra-zy with-no-o-o-t be-ing-tor-tured – doo doo doo-doo!
At-least NO-O-O-T – as-much-a-a-a-s you-were sub-ject-TO!!! 🙂 – oo-oo!

fin <3

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