Misplaced Hopes and Teddy Bears ๐Ÿคฉ

“MISPLACED HOPES & DREAMS, GUARDED BY TEDDY!” a poem: May 18, 2019 (Saturday) possibly the most pitiful thing anyone has ever written!

TOGETHER! We-can-find all-our-lost hopes and dreams!
They MIGHT be just under the bed! and, I think it seems,
I should have been able to locate them, years-ago-by-myself!
I always thought – I put them, over on the shelf!

But, NO! Here they are! and they’ve been laying here a long, long time!
NOW, somehow! TOGETHER-we’ve-found-them, and, y’-know? I’m,
So very glad! that I-m re-locating them with-you NOW!
‘Cause-earlier! I-wouldn’t-have-been-with-you! NOW! Some-how,

HERE-THEY-ARE! For – Me! and-you, my-special-Honey!
They are covered with a lot of dust; you-know, it’s pretty funny,
That they now appear – so obvious and ready,
After all this time! and! OH, MY-GOSH! (pause) It’s TEDDY!

We had found my Teddy Ruxpin; it was my favorite doll!
And-here-he-was, guarding-all-my-dreams! Guarding them all!
For, he’s a cuddly teddy, BUT – also fit and trim!

Teddy’s-almost-smiling! is-he-saying: “I’ve-saved-your-dreams!?
And, I-also-recognize-your-new-found-friend!” [A little tear then streams!]
Yes, he-has-tears for-EVERY-ONE! I-think-he-had-predicted,
That-we’d-ALL get-back-some day, after-all-life’s-pain’s-inflicted!

NOW, here we are! I-thought-we-were – the perfect, happy pair,
Looking-for-dreams, ‘neath-the-bed – but, together-we’ve-found-my-bear,
Yes, we are bare, and he is bear, holding-hopes-&-dreams!
We lift him from-his cloistered realm, and Teddy almost beams!

Does-he-whisper: “Oh, gosh, guys! May-I-please-come-too?
I just love fresh air and sunshine! What-great-things three can do!
We’ll have the-best adventures!” and-He-raises his steadfast paw,
Swearing an oath! forever-and-ever to-our menage-a-trois!

fin <3

By ace101

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