“STAYING THE COURSE!” a poem 16 May 2019 (Thursday)

THOMAS! “Doubting-Thomas!” Doubted [that] his name was good,
So, he changed it – to: TOMIUS, because he was afraid he would,
Die-a-Thomas! O. M. G.! That-would-be-DREADFUL!
Then, he realized: “All-of-Life-[really]-Sucks!” To-[the]-MAX!-[What]-a-head-full!
A head-full-of ideas: “Don’t-get-labeled!” “Never-get-‘cornered’-in-an-enterprise!”
Avoid in-volvements! for- “SPIRIT’S” sake; never-get tied-down! It might just break,
Your “lucky streak!” Let’s-take-a-peek, At-what-he-did-next; at-what-he-did-seek:

He SUDDENLY “realized!” Tom – i – us starts-with-TOM[B],
“O. M. G.! I MIGHT die! This name – could-be-my-doom!
I need ‘time’ on my side!” So, he went with: TIME – I – US;
A good name change – can ALWAYS buy-us,
GOOD! stuff! and-VISION, expanding our pa-ra-me-ters,
BUT! Don’t leave any of this stuff – up to any a-ma-teurs!
Tim-e-e-us still avoided-commitments-to-go-to-the-same[place]twice-or-thrice,
Staying to himself – For, we all know: self-pleasure – is nice!
Spiritual Elevation – Balance – Yin-Yang-Stuff All-“in-vogue!”
ELEVATING-EXPANDING-[contracting?] What a rogue!*
Eating CLEAN, this -“aware[some]-one” – Living on “a razor’s edge?”
Walking only at night, so no one will push him “off some ledge!”
“Fearing to STAY ANY COURSE!” is-The-definitive, “spiritual plan,”
But can’t-fear de-biliate ? and-itself-“corner” any man?

Moral:-[Do-what-you-DO, but NEVER out-of-fear;
DO IT FOR FUN(?) Unless! You-DIG-fear, Dear!]
Don’t-gather-together – to ask The Lord’s blessing;
For, if-you-do – you might be messing,
With the fabric of a sensible and delicate plan!
You’re BARRED FOREVER – from returning – to “The [Poetic] Clan!”
Stay away! Oh, God, NO! He’s changed his mind;
We thought we had this Satan – you-know, BEHIND,
US! but-NO! He’s-back! He’s-up, in-front; we’d like to pass, but we’d better “punt!”
Or KICK! Oh, gosh – HOW CAN WE DECIDE, how-to-get to: The “blessed side!”
Of course, ALL SIDES ARE BLESS-ED, all sides Divine,
Come, leave, stay, go-HO! In life, sometimes, you-just-gotta: drink some w[h]ine!

fin <3

* – In the best possible way, of course! 🙂

    By ace101

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