” “LOVE IS WAITING AT THE BACK DOOR! a poem May 8, 2019 (Odin’s Day) I shuffled slow-ly – across the floor, For – Mum was tapping-on-my-bedroom-door: “Honey, you’ve-a-VISITOR, so-come-down-HERE!” It-was-in-the-morning, so my eyes weren’t [very] clear! So, I stumbled down the stairs – and-THERE!- I-saw, A-pretty-little-girl at-the-screen-door! (pause) “Ah,” (pause) I-thought! “a-new, little girl maybe-She’s- a-neigh-bor?” Mum-said: “This-is-Maggie! Come say ‘HI’-a to-[h][o]er!” A little girl, with a little dress; She came right in – and sought car-ess! “My-name-is-CUDDLES,” She-said-with-a-smile! Her-dress-was-“bunched,” ‘tween-her-legs-all-the-while! She-said: “I wanted to come over; I wanted to come in! I really just wanted – to touch your skin!” Now, you-know, I’m kind-o’ shy! and, now, I’m -kind-o’-RED, And her little eyes sparkled! in-her little, pretty-head! 🙂 – Uh! As she stepped back (a little), I-think-I-saw-THIS-PIC: A little love, with shy eyes – and her lashes-are-really-thick, And she’s standing, vulnerable(y), against the screen; She’s-perfectly(?)-“na-ive!?” and I’m-leanin’ towards:-obscene! As-I-watch-her, she-dribbles! (pause) It’s-goin’-down-her-face, And I THANK GOD – [that] I’m-part! of-The-Human-Race!! You see, I-wasn’t-sure-BEFORE If-I-really-wanted-t’-be-here! But, as-Cuddles-stands-there! I’m-like ABSOLUTELY-s[h]uee – r! I’M S[H]EE-R-THAT-THIS! IS-THE-PRETTIEST-THING-I-EVER-SAW, And there-are-NOW-dribbles down-her-leg[s]! and-She-just-says: “Aw! – I-think-you-may-have-noticed! I’M A LITTLE BIT EXCITED!” 🙂 – Aw! And, so-into-my-room – I sort-of invited, The new girl – an old soul – and-The-Cat’s-Me-ow! Yeah! LOVE-SOMETIMES-COMES-OVER! &- Sometimes! It’s- RIGHT-NOW! As we go up the stairs, it’s a little bit spooky! WHO IS THIS GIRL? for-whom-I’m so-“KOOKY?!” There seems to be a conspiracy! between-my-mum- and-her! But-I-don’t-care!-I’M-horny! “THE-CAT’S-MEOW’S”-gone-to-“purr!” fin. <3

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