Caritas @storyville

Hello people’s today its all about ‘ Caritas or Charity ‘ that for Me comes from the Heart not the Pocket and that is how My story goes …..

Many years ago before God named Me in Heaven ‘ Caritas ‘ was family and the people who lived in close proximity to each other would care and share love as in ‘ Love Thy Neighbour ‘ by helping out when it was in need this was how it began in My life …….

Before that time Jesus (Iesu) said Faith – Hope & Love – and the ‘ Greatest of All is Love ‘ people today say Faith – Hope & Charity – but it has become all about ‘ Money & Tax Relief ‘ no longer is ‘ Giving ‘ like it says as we approach ‘ Christmas with the word ‘ If You Have Not Got A Penny A Halfpenny Will Do If You Do Not Have A Halfpenny God Bless You ‘ this was ‘ Charity For Me ‘ and has been all My Life ……

When God entered My Heart & Life, l was put with a family he chose, and they would provide all l would Need (Like in Eden), and that l would learn would be My Life, and it was so …….

But as l have said before God Moves Mysteriously His Wonders to Perform and ‘ Teaching & Learning ‘ was both Good – Bad & Indifferent as l found parents love is totally different to how l feel today and that Understanding only comes with God after and in My case many many years after and it has been so ……

Now l started at 6yrs of age Understanding but did not know l was Learning and God was Teaching Me to Love My Neighbour but l was and did learn by first trying to teach My parents to love each other and not argue – l have to say it was a thankless task and did more harm than good and of course it harmed Me with their arguments and anger but that was still God teaching Me ……

As l grew and felt No Love, l 🙏🙏 and God answered Me. Still, this l did not know until one-day l would think that God was teaching Me and then as l grew, l would one day begin Teaching You and as l was ‘ Poor In Heart,’ God knew that these were the people l would know that were just like Me and l would see how to Teach them as God taught Me and it is so …….

So, people l say in ‘ Charity This Day ‘ who read this post after Me, be it with Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth that has always guided My way, so all l can say is 🙏🙏 …..For God to Guide Your Way …..



Prayer 💥

A prayer for a season of change 💥

Dear Heavenly Father, when we settle into a pattern, things change far too quickly. One door opens; another closes.💥

We rise, we eat, and we sleep. We smile, we laugh, and we cry. Even change itself is ever-changing, and Lord, if I’m truthful, I don’t like change because I desire the control.💥

Will you forgive my lack of understanding that Your creation of seasons is exquisite? Would you remind me that the gifts of love and laughter ripple the ebb and flow of life? And that life is measured by memories, not minutes? May the changing season fuel me towards another beautiful season of the blessing of Your Almighty hand. In Jesus’ name 🙏


She 💥💥

One morning she woke up different.💥

She was done with figuring out who was with her, against her, or walking down the middle because they didn’t have the guts to pick a side. She was done with anything that didn’t bring her peace. She realized that opinions were a dime a dozen, validation was for parking, and loyalty wasn’t a word but a lifestyle. It was on this day that her life changed. And not because of a man or a job but because she realized that life is way too short of leaving the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.💥💥💥


Trauma 😌

This is the big, scary truth about trauma: there is no such thing as “getting over it.” The five stages of the grief model mark universal steps in learning to accept loss, but the reality is, in fact, much bigger: a significant life disruption leaves a new normal in its wake. There is no “back to the old me.” You are different now, full stop.😌

This is not a wholly negative thing. Healing from trauma can also mean finding new strength and joy. The goal of healing is not a papering-over of changes to preserve or present things as usual. It is to acknowledge and wear your new life warts, wisdom, and all-with courage.”


Woman 🤍

A STRONG WOMAN has waited patiently while her roots grew down deep into God’s word. Over time she becomes unshakable in her faith.🙌

She starts bearing fruit intrinsically and is full of life. People are attracted to her strength and growth, and many find rest and peace as they lean on her. And when storms and trials come, as they always do, they won’t be able to take her down.🙌

A few branches may be lost or pruned away, but in their place comes new growth and new life.🙌