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For Me, there are two types of Love that l was Taught & Learned over many, many years – Let Me start by saying l did not know this when God first entered My Heart & Life – But well, l did ask for someone to Love Me For Who l Was ‘ at the tender age of just 14 that is just How My story goes every day………

Firstly l did not ‘ Know What Love Was Never Felt It In Me You See ‘ it was not something My family ever talked about or even provided in the way the world explained it to Me as l was to realise ‘ l Had to Feel it in Me ‘ that was not in my Family and made Me realise that God is Love and God has to enter into the Heart of anyone who asks in their Heart and make their life complete …..

As l said for Me now l understand two types exist Earthly & Spiritual both come from God by and in the ‘ Garden Of Eden ‘ providing all the ‘ Trees ‘ but one that is the ‘ Love of God ‘ in Me and even after the fall from grace ‘ God Provides Coverings For Adam & Mate ‘ and this is How God wanted it to be and has not for so many people with meeting wrong people and relationships that leave children without fathers or mothers and so many children do not feel that love in them as l was unable in Me ……

Now parents and other people say these words ‘ You Know l Love You ‘ and give you say a hug but do not Understand – And l ‘ Say Forgive Them Lord ‘ as they do not know or ‘ Listen to the Heart ‘ they are able to hear the words but do not ‘ Listen to the Word ‘ as its only by ‘ Listening With My Heart ‘ could l eventually Understand the ‘ Love of God ‘ that truly passes all Understanding for so many ……

So l feel ‘ Blessed Daily By God ‘ for hearing My πŸ™πŸ™’s entering into My Heart & My Life and bringing Me a ‘ Extra Special Love ‘ a Love that makes My life complete and most of all bringing You to Me and for that l Am Twice Blessed & Thus Twice Bless You with Love from the Heart of One who asks as l do daily ‘ That l Do Thy Will ‘ in Healing You In Me In You with Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth forever and evermore …..



Lord πŸ™πŸ™

The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night showeth knowledge.πŸ™Œ

God created the heavens, firmament, and earth. All of his creations exalt and rejoice in Him. All things came into being through him, and without Him, nothing would come into being. Glory be to God!πŸ™Œ

God of infinite wisdom and light, creator of all that is holy, heaven and earth are filled with Your glory! I pray that I can love You with all of my heart and strength, with every fiber of my being I wish to rejoice in You, as the rest of Your creations do. I shall rejoice in Your name and exalt Your creations this day and always. Amen.πŸ™πŸ™

We are approaching the end of the liturgical year and will be reflecting on quite a few passages that are warnings to clean up our act in preparation for the second coming. This passage from Habakkuk is a complaint about those who are unjust and a desire for them to be punished. If we think about it, we probably complain to God about the same thing. Maybe we don’t complain about countries as much as about individuals, but we complain. We like the phrase, “What goes around, comes around!” But sometimes we get impatient for it to “come around!” There’s a very good reason why greed is one of the seven deadly sins. Greed can lead to many other problems.πŸ™Œ

The greedy person may turn to theft to satisfy their need, whether it’s shoplifting or embezzlement, the end result is the same. It can also lead to extortion as mentioned in the passage. Greedy landlords who refuse to spend money to bring their property up to code. Business owners who would rather pay their employees under the table at reduced wages to save money on both the wages and the benefits. Others who gobble up small businesses and fire the employees are often the same people who claim that we pay too much in unemployment benefits! Why is it that those who earn the most complain the most about paying taxes?πŸ™Œ

As I said, we also wonder when the greedy will be punished for their sins. We need to take a good look at ourselves as well. Is there a bit of the same greed in us? Have you ever looked at the piece of pie served to you and your neighbor and thought that yours was smaller??? As we count down these last few weeks, let’s re examine ourselves so that we can ingrain out our faults.πŸ™Œ


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BREAKING BALI G20 SUMMIT: Albanese & XI Meet to Discuss World Issues Here’s What We Know So Far

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#AceBreakingNews – Albanese and Xi meet at G20, breaking six-year diplomatic cold shoulder

Anthony Albanese and Xi Jinping shake hands in front of chinese and australian flags
Anthony Albanese is the first Australian prime minister to hold formal talks with Xi Jinping since 2016.(AAP: Mick Tsikas)none

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Bali.

The last Australian prime minister to hold formal talks with Mr Xi was Malcolm Turnbull in 2016.

“We have had our differences, and Australia won’t resile from our interests and values,” Mr Albanese told Mr Xi.

“I look forward to a constructive exchange and dialogue today.”

The meeting is being held at the luxury Mulia Resort in Nusa Dua Bali, down the road from where G20 leaders have been holding talks all day.

“I’m very pleased that we are having this meeting here today,” Mr Albanese said.

“It comes at a time of great global uncertainty. We’re facing challenges of COVID and the recovery, dealing with climate change, and also supply-chain shocks.

“As we manage these challenges, we need to work towards a stable, prosperous and peaceful Indo-Pacific and an international system that is governed by international law and the principles that are enshrined in the United Nations charter.”

The pair shook hands before taking their seats.

groups of people sat at two long blue tables with flowers and Australian and Chinese flags in the middle
The bilateral meeting was held down the road from where G20 leaders have been holding talks.(AAP: Mick Tsikas)none

Mr Xi spoke first through a translator.

“In the past few years, China-Australia relations have encountered some difficulties, which we do not want to see,” Mr Xi said.

“Because China and Australia are both important countries in the Asia-Pacific region, we should improve, maintain, and develop the relationship between the two countries.”

And the Chinese leader referred to some of Mr Albanese’s past comments.

“You have made a number of remarks on China-Australia relations on a number of occasions, and have repeatedly said that you will deal with China-Australia relations in a mature manner,” he said.

“I attach great importance to your opinion.”

Mr Albanese harked back to former Labor prime minister Gough Whitlam in his remarks, noting it would soon be 50 years since Australia and China established diplomatic ties.

“In 1972, we agreed on principles to guide the relationship based on equality, mutual respect and benefit and a commitment to coexist peacefully,” he said.

“And these principles remain important today.”

Yesterday, Mr Xi and US President Joe Biden met for three hours on the sidelines of the G20.

Today’s meeting with Mr Albanese lasted 32 minutes.

More to come.

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