❤️Love OR Possession YOU Choose ~

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.

You choose NOT God so many people have CHOSEN over many years but WHAT really is the difference between the TWO the TRUTH is simple YOU do not choose GOD teaches YOU and YOU have a CHOICE with YOUR OWN FREE WILL

One YOU choose with YOUR ❤️ and One YOU choose with YOUR head so which of these does GOD decide, well GOD knows your ❤️ desire between LOVE ❤️ & Money and you are sent on a journey to decide which of these YOUR ❤️ or Head will make

Many people WHEN tempted indeed choose to GIVE or RECEIVE but YOU need both with LOVE❤️ as its feeling not the temptation of EVE in the Garden of Eden Adamji chose to disobey GOD and follow the path of KNOWING Good & Evil but that was the FALL and it has been so for many a year

Now GOD knows YOUR ❤️ and knows YOUIR desire that is either LOVE❤️ or Money 💰 but this l write and this l know as the writer YOU CANNOT HAVE BOTH 0pand IF you try you like so many YOU will FALL

So HOW do you FOLLOW GOD is LOVE❤️ well its so really simple GIVE from YOUR ❤️ everyday NEVER think you know ANYTHING and NEVER believe until one day you FEEL IT IN YOUR ❤️

Then YOU will KNOW as to KNOW is the LEDGE of ALL KNOWLEDGE and to KNOW is the KNOWLEDGE of GOD and the TRUTH between LOVE❤️ and Money